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You don’t want to waste another day and you don’t have time to waste.

Your next birthday is around the corner and you do not want to spend another year doing the same sh*t.

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I thought the dream life would make me happy...

From 2002-2013 I climbed the corporate (and non-profit ladder) where the goal posts constantly moved. I lived in the city and married my dream guy. I moved to the burbs to raise two amazing kids on the most idyllic street in our small town. In 2013 I left my career behind and a giant chunk of my identity.

Over the years as a SAHM, I questioned every day why I wasn’t happy when I had the dream Facebook highlight reel of a life.

  • symptoms of not being happy (hiding, avoiding, procrastinating, consumed - what are concrete examples?)
  • what you tried
  • what worked
  • what your passion is now (coaching...)
  • your vision

Headline Needed

Take the next step to have your successful second career. Book a consult with Natalia.

Most Stay at Home Moms have dreams to do something big with their lives that has nothing to do with raising kids.

And most of them don't even try to figure out what that might be.

They ignore their interests for the needs of the kids, the household, the husband.

But that's not you.

You've been home with the kids and you're ready for your next successful career.


You have an inkling about what that change is but you need a guide because going from Stay at Home Mom to Mom with a second successful career seems like too big of a jump.

You have this dream for a reason. It’s your time to make it happen. Being a satisfied Mom at 40+ with a new career and happy kids at home is your dream come true. Let’s make it happen.

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You’re in the right place if you are a women in her 40’s and…

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You're falling short of your goals

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You know it’s time for a change

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You feel stuck

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You just can’t find enough hours in the day.

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Being a Mom has taken its toll and you have lost yourself to the needs of the kids, the husband and the job.

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You’re in a rut and it’s time to put yourself and your needs front and center.

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Your attention is being pulled in all directions.

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Arrive at your next birthday a changed woman... it's the best gift you can give yourself.

Become what you desire


I can help.


I will teach you how

To live life in color

How to get in alignment with yourself

How to decide what you want

How to take intentional action

How to say no to what is good now so you can say yes to what is great


I love working with women like you! I’m a Mom, a wife and the CEO of our family's life. and I know what it feels like to wake up one day and wonder where my 20’s and 30’s went? How did I get here? And even scarier…will I like where I am going if I don’t change a thing?

Want to see what you’re capable of?

Book a 45 minute consultation and let’s talk!