Hi, I'm Natalia

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I coach 40-something women who refuse to spend another year doing the same sh*t.


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I thought the dream life would make me happy...

From 2002-2013 I climbed the corporate (and non-profit ladder) where the goal posts constantly moved. I lived in the city and married my dream guy. I moved to the burbs to raise two amazing kids on the most idyllic street in our small town. In 2013 I left my career behind and a giant chunk of my identity.

Over the years as a SAHM, I questioned every day why I wasn’t happy when I had the dream Facebook highlight reel of a life.

  • symptoms of not being happy (hiding, avoiding, procrastinating, consumed - what are concrete examples?)
  • what you tried
  • what worked
  • what your passion is now (coaching...)
  • your vision

5 Minutes to More Self-Confidence

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